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Alpinamed Green Coffee is a dietary supplement which consists of green coffee extract, dietary fibers, L-carnitine and sweeteners. ALPINAMED Green Coffee Toffee stimulates the exchange of metabolically active substances and fiber in the body. The caffeine in green coffee extract gives the body more energy and increases productivity. Your digestion is stimulated and balanced with the help of dietary fibers. Furthermore, the fibers provide a natural feeling of satiety, which is beneficial for weight loss.Use: It is recommended to take 1-3 Toffees with a glass of water about half an hour before meals. There is no need to exceed a daily dose of 6 pieces. In addition, Green Coffee Toffee should be consumed in limited quantities because of the caffeine content and are not suitable for children, pregnant women, nursing women, or people with a sensitivity to caffeine. Be sure to keep the packaging out of reach of children. Storage should be in dry place and at room temperature. Alpinamed Green Coffee Toffee is not suitable as a substitute for a balanced diet and increased consumption can give a laxative effect.Packing of 30 pcs, 120 g
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Vitafor Probi-intestis is a probiotic bacterial strain Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v (LP299V®). LP299V is one of the most researched bacterial strains in the world.Vitafor Probi-intestis contains 10 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule.This dietary supplement containing probiotic bacteria, has a vegetable capsule shell and is suitable for vegetarians.Gluten and lactose free.What Vitafor Probi-intestis does?It supports normal intestinal microflora.Reduces bloating.(Bloating after 4 weeks of treatment is reduced by 3 times)Effective, even from the 2nd week.How to use Probi-intestis Vitafor?Take only one capsule a day for at least 3 weeks.Suitable for adults and children from 3 years old.Also suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers.The capsule may be opened and the powder can be used with a cold liquid (water, fruit juices, milk, yogurt).The nutritional supplement is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle.Within two weeks of application Vitafor Probi-intestis decreases bloating and maintains normal intestinal flora.
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Protein supports growth in muscle mass and its maintenance. Amino Force is conceived as a quickly available protein enrichment of other products and drinks.Amino Force is enzymatic pre splitted whey protein hydrolysates (lactalbumin) and contains di- and tripeptide. In comparison with similar products on the market, this one has an extremely low molecular weight, which induces a quick availability.ADVANTAGES– High content in BCAA of 240 mg/g pure protein in powder– Very low molecular weight: 65% < 500 D, 26% < 2000 D– Slight bitter tasteUTILISATION: Within 1 h before and after, or directly during intense exercise 1-3 teaspoon in a drink. 1 serving = 10 g (1 teaspoon = approximately 5g). In addition to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.INGREDIENTS: Whey protein hydrolysate (enzyme hydrolysis).FLAVOURS/PACKAGINGNeutral 250 g canAMINO ACIDS PER 100 G PER 10 G ESSENTIALHistidin 1.6 g 160 mgIsoleucin 5.0 g 500 mgLeucin 9.4 g 940 mgLysin 8.1 g 810 mgMethionin_Cystein 3.7 g 370 mgPhenylalanin_Tyrosin 5.6 g 560 mgThreonin 6.4 g 640 mgTryptophan 1.3 g 130 mgValin 5.1 g 510 mgNON-ESSENTIALAlanin 4.3 g 430 mgArginin 2.4 g 240 mgAsparaginsäure 9.5 g 950 mgGlutaminsäure 15.2 g 1520 mgGlycin 1.7 g 170 mgProlin 5.0 g 500 mgSerin 4.7 g 470 mg
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Food supplement with linseed oil and vitamin E, contains omega-3 fatty acids of vegetable origin.Each capsule has been gently pressed and contains 500mg of pure linseed oil in combination with vitamin E of natural origin. Linseed oil is a vegetable source, it belongs to the group of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids supports the human body functions and can be part of a balanced diet that promotes health. Omega-3 fatty acids are incorporated into cell membranes and are essential for the construction of cells and their functions. Vitamin E stabilizes cellular membranes and unsaturated fatty acids. It can act as an antioxidant scavenging free radicals and is necessary to maintain muscle function.Soft capsules are herbal and pleasant to swallow. Raw material selection and manufacturing of flax oil capsules is complex and testing procedures pass quality assurance.Dosage: Take 3 capsules a day, all at once or throughout the day.Ingredients: Linseed (EU origin), vitamin E; The capsule shell: Modified starch; Humectant: sorbitol, maltitol, glycerol; Emulsifier: glycerol.Vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose, preservatives.Packaging 120 capsulesMade in Switzerland.
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Klimmzugstange Turnstange Türstange Reckstange Türreck Türstange Klimmzugstange Turnstange Türreck Reckstange Der Klimmzug ist die effektivste und kinderleichtste Übung für die Leute, die einen kräftigen Oberkörper entwickeln möchten. Mit den eingebauten Befestigungsmaterialen können Sie einfach die Klimmzugstange am Türrahmen fixieren.Die Türstange ist eine Multifunktions-Übungs-Stange. Mit der Türstange können Sie viele Übungen, wie Chin-Ups, Sit-Ups, Hüfte- und Knieübungen trainieren. Technische Daten:- Schnelle und einfache Montage- kinderleichte Fixierung am Türrahmen- geeignet für Türrahmen von 62cm bis 100cm - Belastbarkeit: max. 100kg Lieferumfang:- 1 x Klimmzugstange- 2 x Gummifüsse- 8 x Schrauben- 2 x Befestigungsmaterial wie abgebildet
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Forever Living Products offers a highly concentrated Aloe drinks in a highly concentration of pure Aloe Vera Gel. It is like the gel from the Aloe Vera plant itself. It contains more than 200 substances. Including many vitamins that we need on a daily base, also minerals, enzymes, saponin, fatty acids and many more. And all this in one single bottle.